Why a Truck Mounted Machine is often better than a Portable One?

Truck mounted machines generate the power required to steam clean your home in the most efficient and effective way. Power is the key to most things, and it is especially true when it comes to carpet cleaning. 

  • A truck mount machine has a powerful 18 horse power motor which will more effectively remove the dirt, stains and detergent from your carpet.
  • Some portable machines have a vacuum motor with a lot less power which can over wet the carpets and leave high amounts of detergent behind as well as the dirt.
  • There are some good portable machines now available which we use and when necessary, Steamace will recommend.
  • A truck mount machine boils and extracts with water at 212 degrees removing pollutants and effectively resets the heat set memory in your carpet fibers. This process will bring the carpet back to its original state.
  • Some portable units have to be filled up with hot water which will soon go cold, extracting with cold water will spread the pollutants around making a toxic soup in your carpet.

Regular steam cleaning with Steamace increases the life of your carpets and and keeps your entire home fresh and clean.

Carpet Cleaning

Steam Cleaning provides a high pressure application thatpenetrates the fibre, removes the stain and leaves it sanitised and deodorised. Quick drying, general stain and spot removal.
Professional carpet cleaning, receipt issued.

Property Rental – Vacating

Let SteamAce take the stress out of vacating your property and increase your chances to have your full Bond returned.
Professional carpet cleaning with the required receipt for the Rental Agent. Full house clean and rug laundry. Quote on application.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

The dirt in your grout builds up from continous washing and they look dull. The Steamace team will brighten and freshen the tiles.

Regular House or Office Cleaning

Let the SteamAce team add some sparkle to your family home or the workplace. Because life is too short to spend it cleaning the toilet ! It really is simple – call SteamAce today.

Personalied Service and Satisfaction Guaranteed

The SteamAce team are excited by your cleaning needs. They really will do all those boring, time consuming household cleaning tasks – so you can spend more time living life ! You deserve a rest.

The SteamAce team will also give you a 7 day satisfaction guarantee – now that is a professional service you need.